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Leveraging Critical Expertise,

Expert Knowledge &

Global Networks

Military Procurement Specialists,
Defense Industry Veterans

Military Procurement

Government Relations

Strategic Consultancy


The Vanguard Global Network

The Vanguard Global network includes former multinational, senior-level Military, National Security, Cyber Command, Military Intelligence and industry Executives.

Worldwide, our management has a wealth of experience in selecting and assembling qualified teams of multidisciplinary professionals to engineer and deliver mission support and hands-on training that consistently meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Former Special Intelligence & Security Agents, Military / Air Force / Navy Officers, Police Officers & Investigators, Cybersecurity Experts, Technical and Mechanical experts.


Experienced in Operations, Risk Analysis, Threat Assessment, Counterterrorism, Simulation & Evaluation Techniques & Innovative Technology 


Delivering Real-World “in the field” experience to challenges which help them design tailor-made solutions to address a wide variety of threats which are assessed and identified across different sectors.


Military Procurement &
Brokerage of Military Assets

Leveraging our global network and supply chains, Vanguard Global maintains access to strategic military stocks, supplies and production contracts. With stock lists updated on a daily basis, VG is finely attuned to market trends and requirements.

VG has an extensive international database of suppliers, allowing us to locate and match the specifications requested by the end user.

With unparalleled access to the international market, and industry relations built across continents and over many years, VG is best placed to offer “one-stop-shop” military and government procurement services. Products include, but are not limited to:

War Room Management, Cybercommand, Cybersecurity, Digital & AI

MRO, Specialist Training & Capacity Building

Weapons Systems & Platforms

Vehicles, Aircraft and


Artilery & Munitions

Unmanned Platforms; Land, Sea and Air


Government Relations

Vanguard Global maintains and develops government relations, acting as a conduit to the wider defense industry, assisting local governments and ministries with appropriation and transfer of strategic capabilities and technologies relating to defense and national security, including cyber and AI tech. VG also assists in indigenisation and the  development of local defense industries and economies;

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Tech transfer & appropriation

  • Project financing & access to capital markets

  • International sales & marketing of military production

Our sister company, Vanguard Global Risk Management (VGRM) provides government clients with private military contracting services and a wide range of military and security training services.

Strategic Consultancy

Vanguard Global Defense leverages it's experience, market intuition and strategic partners to offer expert consultancy services for defense and security companies. We assist service providers as well as OEMs with strategic consultancy;

  • Market access and entry

  • Complex logistics and transport

  • Business strategy

  • Investor relations and access to capital markets

  • Marketing, corporate communications, brand building and management

  • Strategic alliances

  • Government relations

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