Country Risk Assessment

Egypt is overall a MEDIUM travel risk environment, largely due to persistent anti-government unrest and low-level militant attacks. While protests and associated unrest have declined since late 2013, demonstrations continue on a sporadically around the country. Anti-government protests are unlikely to pose direct risks to foreigners, though tough police responses can create significant incidental risks. Low-level militant attacks, focused on security force and government targets, occur regularly, though direct targeting of foreign nationals remains rare, despite a brief spike in night-time explosions in expatriate neighbourhoods of the capital Cairo and outside foreign-branded businesses in early March 2015.

Visitors should defer all but business-critical travel to North Sinai governorate, where the travel security risks are rated as EXTREME, and defer all travel to areas between the border with the Gaza Strip (Palestinian Territories) and the city of El Arish (North Sinai), which is a base of operations for organised militant groups and weapons smugglers. Militant groups occasionally conduct large-scale attacks on the security forces, and civilian casualties are not uncommon. The military can implement significant restrictions on freedom of movement as part of its counter-terrorism campaign.

Members should also receive itinerary-specific briefings prior to any journeys to the remote areas west of the Nile Valley and Nile Delta (excluding coastal areas east of Marsa Matruh (Matrouh governorate), where the travel security risks are rated as HIGH due to exposure to the latent risks of militancy and criminality and the remoteness of this vast territory.

This information is intended as a summary of the travel security environment; however, the risks can change at short notice during a crisis or evolving situation. Please check in with us for our travel security alerts to ensure you are informed of the most recent developments.

Executive Protection Bodyguards

Our Executive Protection Bodyguards can be deployed throughout Egypt on short notice on one-off or permanent close protection deployments. They are hand picked from specialised elite state forces (military/police) such as the UK Royal Marines and the US Marines (will be unarmed while on duty in Egypt due to local laws). Our operatives are often accompanied by local operatives that can be armed and are rigorously selected from local counter terrorism, hostage rescue and special operations forces. Local operatives have thorough knowledge of the local landscape, culture and language. All are rigorously vetted to British industry standards and selected not only for their security skills but also for their education levels, their language abilities, their adaptability and their discretion. They undergo further in-house training taking into account the business, family & leisurely environments in which they are likely to operate. Individual Executive Protection Bodyguards and teams are selected specifically for each mission. The teams are sized and adapted to take account of client needs and the risk analysis. Our Executive Protection Bodyguards can be deployed as support for international security companies on subcontract basis. 


Our Operatives have experience providing close protection for corporate executives, high level government officials, high-net-worth clients, celebrities and royalty and are accustomed to the different needs and sensitivities of each client type. Our Operatives are also experienced in working in high risk and conflict zones such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.


Our Executive Protection Bodyguards are deployed with the most sophisticated operational support measures available.

  • Weapons and ammunition

  • Long range communications devices

  • Digital communications systems

  • GPS tracking systems with SOS functionality

  • Satellite phones (Thuraya)

  • Protective gear

Our Operations Management Centre functions 24/7. It is equipped with the latest technologies and intelligence gathering systems, providing our operatives with an Early Warning System and sophisticated operational support and back up;

  • Coordination of communications between the teams on the ground, operations management and client

  • Our dedicated client handlers act as a go between the principals on the ground + their protective teams and our clients' headquarters

  • Providing Executive Protection teams with security related intelligence sourced from multiple sources including state security sources, press & media, foreign ministries, local contacts and assets on the ground and more. Also providing useful information in real-time such as status updates including traffic, weather reports, alternative routes and much more.

  • Receiving, processing and responding to incident reports, status updates, SOS alerts and more.

  • Dispatching emergency response teams and back up where necessary.