While emerging markets can be highly profitable, they are also fraught with challenges. In today's volatile business and security environments, a plan around continuity should be a priority for any organisation. A thorough continuity plan should be based on an in-depth understanding of how an organisation thrives and what key processes are essential to sustain during critical disruptions. to that end, we map out your business processes and underlying sub-processes, technology, and third party relationships that help support the more mission critical areas of the business. 

Just as importantly, we assess and evaluate, both quantitatively and qualitatively, potential disasters and emergencies that could affect your organisation, the likelihood of occurrence and the probable business impact to be expected on critical business functions. Accordingly, we develop an organisational strategy, scenario based plans and maintenance procedures are put in place to better enhance your organisation's ability to mitigate, react and recover from any such disruptions.

  • Continuity of management

  • Media protocol

  • Training and drills

  • Third party vendor dependencies

  • Security vulnerabilities (security of premises, staff, distribution, etc)