With manufacturer relationships across the world, Vanguard Global has access to the most modern Military and Defence hardware & technology available. Government clients in particular benefit from a unique portal in solving any number of Homeland Defence issues with Vanguard Global as the conduit to efficient, timely and legal supply of Arms, Munitions and other Military and Defence Equipment. Certain equipment will attract the need for End User Certificates (EUC).


APCs, fixed wing aviation, rotary aviation, marine vessels, small arms, radar systems, logistic & transport vehicles, electronic countermeasures systems, and much more.


Some more sensitive Strategic Defence products in the Vanguard Global equipment portfolio are subject to UK export licensing regulations. Vanguard Global liaises direct with End Users in order that export control and compliance are managed effectively and products are delivered in a timely manner and within budget: artilery, munitions, surface-to-air, and more.

  • ■isse Systems (Air to Air / Surface to Air)


Vanguard Global specialises in the delivery of some of the most unique technological Homeland Security & Defence. With enhanced yet simple technological tactics, a Nation’s Homeland Security can be improved considerably. The methods employed, accompanied by the relevant technological programs will enable the swift and effective gathering, collation and use of intelligence to combat the current, recognised threats to a Homeland Security situation.


■ Guardian (Data Tracking, Recovery and Analysis system designed primarily for telecommunications information investigation)

■ Cyber Security & Secure Communications - 100% secure (Voice & Text Data) mobile (cell) telephone system that utilises a common  telecommunications operator and requires no special networking. Calls and texts can be optionally encrypted or communicated over open means.

■ GISS Transfer System (User friendly, man-portable ALL & TOTAL data extraction portal for any Data Server or Hard-Drive (Computer, Laptop etc).

■ Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Immobiliser Human-Safe, non-lethal EMP technology can immobilise a variety of motor vehicles (cars / boats etc), cutting all electronic signals in the engine and other control systems within a few seconds.

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