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Our Global Network At Your Disposal

At Vanguard Global we leverage our long-term experience, practical expertise and wide network of global contacts to support multinational companies, organisations and investors in conceiving, developing and implementing successful projects across a wide range of industries.

Vanguard Global offers business facilitation, consultancy services, legal advisory, business networking and industry know-how to support every facet of an investment from initiation to materialisation. Assisting our clients in adapting to local practices and cultural differences is a main aspect of our mission; we facilitate this process by promoting mutual understanding and connecting our clients with the right local counterparts.

We support our clients in reaching short and long term business goals with bespoke solutions that offer sustainable results. With Vanguard Global, clients gain access to a powerful network of international and local experts and key industry players that offer invaluable resources for doing business globally.

Our research and analysis provides decision makers with critical information that delineates the economic, geopolitical, regulatory, legal and business landscape associated with a new venture.

Country Risk Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of each country and project in which we are engaged to identify all risks and opportunities specific to the places where the client and its employees will travel, live and work. We offer analysis to provide a better understanding of the economic, political and social environment, and of the business and financial risks related to clients’ projects.

Market Access Study

Our experts help clients assess the full business environment, including risks related to any potential partners, to determine the feasibility of their projects and to map out the best way forward.

Strategic Support

Where relevant, we will offer to simplify a client’s plan and business set-up in complex or unstable areas. Through our network of partners and experts, we can also facilitate local contacts in order to help establish businesses for the long-term.

We can offer reporting and guidance on:

  • Political, operational, security and reputational considerations

  • Identification and provision of appropriate physical locations for office and residential premises

  • Identification of, and due diligence on, local professional service providers

  • Threat, vulnerability and risk assessments and the design of an appropriate risk mitigation and security strategy

  • Advice on the nature and extent of corruption and establishing mitigation strategies

  • Facilitate political, commercial, security and regulatory liaison, including introductions to officials and local business leaders.

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