Country Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of each country and project in which we are engaged to identify all risks and opportunities specific to the places where our clients and their employees will travel, live and work. We offer analyses to provide a better understanding of the economic, political and social environment, and of the business and financial risks related to our clients’ projects.

Market Access 

Our experts help clients to assess the full business environment, including risks related to any potential partners, to determine the feasibility of their projects and decide the way forward.

Strategic Support

We will endeavour to streamline a client’s plan and business set-up. Through our network of partners and experts, we can also facilitate local contacts, in order to help establish businesses for the long-term. Click here to learn more...

Barriers to Entry

We help our clients overcome barriers to entry such

  • Security concerns (conflict, political/civil unrest, organised crime, etc.)

  • Risk management (we help our clients manage their overall risk profile, conduct due diligence & investigations, etc)

  • Distance to market (effective distribution and logistics channels)

  • Poor local infrastructure (economic, banking, finance, logistics, etc)