US Homeland Threat Assessment October 2020

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is the first and last line of defense against the many threats facing our country. Our ability to mitigate these threats is predicated on our ability to understand them and to inform the American people. The DHS Homeland Threat Assessment1 (HTA) identifies the primary threats facing the United States of America at and inside our borders. This Assessment draws upon all sources of information and expertise available to the Department, including from intelligence, law enforcement, and our operational components.

The purpose of the HTA is to provide the American people with an overview of the information collected and analyzed by DHS employees around the world and provided to the Secretary of Homeland Security. The HTA is primarily informed by intelligence analysis prepared by the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) and by the Component intelligence offices, which identified the leading security threats to the Homeland based on a review of all-source intelligence information and analysis. Given the array of potential issues, I&A’s scoped its analysis to focus on key threats covered by the intelligence elements of the Department, which expert analysts considered most likely and with the potential to significantly affect U.S. security. The HTA was also informed by the expertise and insights of the Department’s Operational Components, which assess and respond to threats on a daily basis, as well as the informed views of the DHS Office of Strategy, Policy, and Plans (PLCY), which leads threat identification and prevention activities.

This inaugural HTA presents a holistic look from across the Department and provides the American people with the most complete, transparent, and candid look at the threats facing our Homeland. It breaks down the major threats to the Homeland in the following sections:

1. The Cyber Threat to the Homeland

2. Foreign Influence Activity in the Homeland

3. Threats to U.S. Economic Security

4. The Terrorist Threat to the Homeland

5. Transnational Criminal Organization Threats to National Security

6. Illegal Immigration to the United States

7. Natural Disasters

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