Yemen Update

The Missile Strike that was launched on June 12th against the airport in #Abha, #SaudiArabia which resulted in the wounding of 26 people can be noted as an attempt for the #Houthis to try and regain the initiative.

By Scott Morgan

This event comes amidst a chaotic 24 hours which has seen the resignation of the Foreign Minister, Reports of an attack against an Oil Pipeline in the Southeastern Province of #Shabwa. The pipeline that was attacked exported between 15,000 and 17,000 barrels of Oil per day in an area where both #AlQaeda and #Daesh have a presence and the release of a report from a British NGO that omitted any reference to Saudi activities in #Yemen.

There are reports that the Saudi- led coalition are now planning some form of reprisal raids against the Houthis after the incident against Abha.

Another situation that will be monitored will be the involvement of the Sudanese Forces that are an active component of the Coalition. The current Military Council has affirmed that Sudanese Ground Forces will remain on the Ground. But the question of how long they will remain on the ground if there is not a resolution to the political crisis is a factor that cannot and should not be ignored.

Despite the Stockholm Deal which was to have opened up the ports to increase the flow of Humanitarian Aid there has not been an improvement in the Medical Care in the Country. It is believed that in a 24 hours period one mother and four children pass away from complications due to malnutrition and other factors.

At this time there appears not to have been any noteworthy improvement in Yemen despite the Diplomatic Efforts in Stockholm. The Government and the Houthis both appear to be searching for that knockout blow that could create a paradigm shift in both the battlefield and at the negotiating table. International interest appears to be waning again until the next mass casualty event takes place.

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