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VANGUARD GLOBAL is a subsidiary of

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And part of the Cornerstone Holdings group of companies

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Defence Unlimited International Corp. 

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Defence Unlimited International Corp. offers Security & Defense Solutions. The company provides security contractors and/or security services. We also provide services to train or supplement official armed forces in service of friendly governments.

Cornerstone Holdings Corp.

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Cornerstone Holdings Corp. manages and controls investments. Cornerstone Holdings Corp. focuses on and has investments in Aerospace & Defense, Defense Contractors, Defense Suppliers & Manufacturers, Real Estate and Telecommunication. The organisation constantly looks at various distressed opportunities across sectors to continually add diversification to our current portfolio. Diversification, coupled with a commitment to excellence, quality service, mutual trust, integrity, and economic foresight have been the guiding principles of the organisation, which strives to be a leader in the respective sectors it operates in. Cornerstone Holdings Corp. currently holds Investments in Canada, the United States of America, South America, the European Union, Egypt and other countries around the world.

Defence Export Control

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Canada Defense Export Control offers export compliance services to companies within the Defense export sector. Canadian Defence Export Control assists businesses & companies seeking to export defense materials from Canada.

Canada Defense Export Control is looked upon, by many Canadian defense-manufacturing facilities, for regulating the export of defence and strategic goods and technologies.

Global Intel Source

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Global Intel Source has its vast global contacts and relationships have the capability and opportunity to develop a world-class organization to assist the international community in defending against common threats.

Offsets Unlimited International

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Offsets Unlimited International is a platform to address the need for a confidential marketplace where Offset Debtors can identify partners who can fulfil an offset obligation on their behalf in favor of the offset creditor. The creation of a market place and the introduction of a mediated/negotiated approach, both sides can achieve a better, more effective and mutually preferable quicker outcome, especially in relation to deals seeking to attain trade balance. It is for this reason that we have created the Offsets Unlimited International.

Lobbying Unlimited International

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Lobbying Unlimited International is an international political powerhouse. Government Affairs. Litigation. Media Relations.

We represent leading corporations & institutions with legislative/regulatory issues. We have expertise in the in many policy issues within the Canadian federal / provincial governments, including healthcare, energy, transportation, financial services, technology, defense, security and tax policies.

Developments Unlimited International

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Developments Unlimited International is a construction and real estate development conglomerate, created for the activities of real estate construction investments and technological contracting and information systems.

Oil & Gas Unlimited International

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Oil & Gas Unlimited International is evolving in a strategic way to becoming one of the world’s leading independent qualified organisations in commercial mediation, trade of oil products and major raw materials, a point of reference for the consultancy and services related to the purchase and sale of oil and petroleum products.

Sports Unlimited International

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Sports Unlimited International is an international investor, and a buyer of sports assets in different leagues, divisions, teams within many different geographic locations. We invest our own funds, not those of any investors.

Media Unlimited International

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Media Unlimited International offers global and local media properties engaging a mass audience of sports fans, and social media followers, wherever they are and on whatever platform they choose.

The own shares/businesses in various advertising; for example TV, radio stations, publishing, movies, and also the Internet.



TransWorld Aerospace & Aviation Ltd.

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TransWorld Aerospace & Aviation Ltd was established to acquire small, as well as regional airline companies in Europe & Africa, to innovate those companies, and meet their customer’s expectations. By focusing on restructuring distressed aviation, and airlines assets, via implementing cost reduction measures, best available IT, and strategic planning, as well as injecting the appropriate level of cash injection needed.

TransWorld Aerospace & Aviation Ltd offers Airlines and Airports an integrated range of Aviation ground services to contribute to their development by meeting the expectations of their customers. We understand the highly specialized needs of the aviation business and provide services of the highest standards. TransWorld Aerospace & Aviation Ltd offers airline safety, manned & unmanned safety, risk and reliability analysis, safety-critical tasks analysis, and international support and logistics. TransWorld Aerospace & Aviation Ltd also offers spare parts supply, component repair, and airline operator.


Medical Unlimited International

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Medical Unlimited International is one of the largest wholesale distributors of sonography ultrasound machines. Our company supplies Emergency, Dental, Exam Room Equipment, Exam Room Supplies, Gloves, Orthopedics, Diagnostic Instruments and Tests, as well as medical supplies and medical drugs. We also supply Hospital furniture & fittings, including (but not linked) Hospital Equipment, Central Oxygen Pipeline Fittings.


Venture Capital Unlimited International

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At Venture Capital Unlimited International, we provide many types of private equity, to small, early-stage, emerging firms that are deemed to have high growth potential, or which have demonstrated high growth (in terms of the number of employees, annual revenue, or both).

Sports Unlimited 

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Sports Unlimited is an International Port Management & Security Co that is an innovative port operator and facility service provider, developing and deploying intelligent systems for the management and security of ports around the world.



Pharmaceutical Unlimited

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Pharmaceutical Unlimited is an International company that deals in the pharmaceutical development, supply chain management and medical device development, as well as distribution of pharmaceuticals around the world.